whats my tonic!!!

whats my tonic!!!

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well What a long and frustrating week its been... and still I am stuck in a phenomen most people think its rare " Friday Blues " ... Working in ad agency .. I dread Fridays .. to add to the contrary .. I love mondays ... mondays .... are the days I can go home early .. rest ... relax ... put my feet up and lay back ... Fridays seem to be hectic , crazy with artworks to deliver and blood thirsty client servicing hounding you like hungry scavangers.

To add to the friday fury .. is the most important decision ... what am I gonna do friday nites .. friday nites are big out here ...
the moral decision of choosing the perfect friday nite hangout lies in the nimble hands of my dear friend aarthi .....

I hope this weekend will be more fruitful !!!!!!!!

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Nikhil said...

love you :)